The International Chinese School aims to produce students who are literate and competent users of both English and Mandarin.



To serve Christ by equipping students for responsible global citizenship.



Through a high quality bilingual education the International Chinese School equips students to be agents of transformation in a globalised society. In all that it does the School is a living expression of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We value:


Christian Faith

We acknowledge that all things are created and sustained by God. Students are encouraged to explore God’s creation and consider the claims of Christ on their lives.

Sound Character

We encourage our students and staff to have consistency between words and deeds so that our values of integrity, respect and responsibility flow into our actions in the way we treat others.

Cultural Diversity

We strive to create a loving and caring community where students from different cultural backgrounds can work together and learn from one another.

Pursuit Of Excellence

We equip our students to pursue academic excellence in order to reach their full learning potential.

Service to Others

We aim to develop compassionate young leaders with a heart for serving others both in the school and in the local community.

Partnership with Parents

We recognise that the educational nurture of children extends from the family. In recognition of this vital partnership parents are welcomed and encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s learning.

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