Why mandarin?

Chinese is the language of communication of approximately one-quarter of the world’s entire population.

High proficiency in more than one language is a huge asset living in our interconnected global society. We recognise that students who become proficient in a second language often develop greater mental agility, a sharper memory and are likely to be more alert and perceptive later in life. Such children also develop a broader appreciation and adaptability in a variety of social and cultural contexts.

The School has adopted a bilingual immersion approach teaching in some Key Learning Areas where students spend approximately 50% of the week learning in English, and 50% learning in Mandarin. In achieving this goal, the School has adopted the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to bilingual education with teaching in Key Learning Areas delivered in Mandarin.

The School’s education will l prepare students for life in a 21st Century world in which the relationship between China and Australia will continue to assume wider and deeper importance.


  • Fosters greater appreciation for the diversity of God’s creation, and understanding that all people are equally loved and valued by God.
  • promotes connectivity between cultures and helps students’ have a better understanding of the world
  • develops students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • enhances employment and career opportunities
  • improves memory and develops decision making skills
  • supports children to maintain strong ties with their family, culture and community
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