At International Chinese School, we provide a carefully balanced learning program to cater for individual needs.

Academic Excellence 

International Chinese School delivers a unique and challenging education. The School is the first and only school in NSW to receive approval from the NSW Education Standards Authority to deliver half the curriculum in Mandarin.

Students of the School perform strongly in the NAPLAN testing with the School’s average consistently placed in the top band of performance of both English and Mathematics. This supports research findings that learning a second language stimulates brain development and makes one a better all-round learner.

Following the NSW Education Standards Authority’s (NESA) Key Learning Areas, learning in Primary is structured in stages. For each stage of the learning there are skills, knowledge and a level of understanding that each student should develop.

  • Early Stage 1 – Kindergarten
  • Stage 1 – Year 1 and 2
  • Stage 2 – Year 3 and 4
  • Stage 3 – Year 5 and 6

The Key Learning Areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Human Society and Its Environment (History & Geography)
  • Personal Development, Heath and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts
  • Languages (Mandarin)


The School recognises that music is a gift from God that brings much joy and fulfilment to our lives. Music education at the International Chinese School comprises of:

  • Classroom experiences
  • Private individual tuition
  • Co-curricular programs

Music is integral to the classroom curriculum for every student of the School and from Years 1-6 Music is taught by a specialist music teacher.

Students can undertake private music lessons during the School day. These lessons are delivered by private tutors who work in partnership with the School.

Co-curricular music opportunities are planned to expand from 2023 with choir and instrumental ensembles.




The School is situated next to Gore Hill Oval which provides an all weather synthetic grass surface for many of the Schools’ sporting activities.

An external professional sports provider delivers the School’s weekly sports program. Other annual sporting activities include the School’s swimming program and gymnastics.

There are three sporting Houses at the School, each named after Chinese Christian  leaders that made a significant contribution to the growth of the Church in China. 

  • WANG (Red) is named after Wang Lai Jun who was the China Inland Mission’s first Chinese Director and served as a pastor for 40 years.
  • SONG (Yellow) is named after Song Shang Jie who was a man dedicated to prayer, who travelled across China winning souls for Jesus.
  • SHI (Blue) is named after Shi Mei Yu who was affectionately known as China’s Little Doctor’ due to her care for the disabled and orphans. She became China’s first ordained female pastor.
The School does not have weekend sporting requirements as it believes families have a life beyond school and students benefit from also being involved in sporting teams from their local community.
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