Kindergarten is an important year of schooling as children formally begin to develop their literacy and numeracy skills.

It is our whole school community’s aim to help your children adjust and make them feel safe so that they are ready to learn.

When to start Kindergarten?

The School accepts Kindergarten enrolments for children who are five years old or turning five on or before 30 April in the proposed year of entry. All children must by law be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday.

To achieve the most out of their bilingual learning experience it is strongly advised that children commence their education at ICS in Kindergarten. With half of the week taught in Mandarin, students spend approximately 600 hours a year in Mandarin language learning. For that reason, it is very difficult to for students to learn the language if they seek enrolment in later school years. Students seeking enrolment for Years 1-6, will need to be assessed on an individual basis in relation to their exposure and competency in both English and Mandarin.


Academic Excellence 

International Chinese School delivers a unique and challenging education. The School is the first and only school in NSW to receive approval from the NSW Education Standards Authority to deliver half the curriculum in Mandarin.

Students of the School perform strongly in the NAPLAN testing with the School’s average consistently placed in the top band of performance of both English and Mathematics. This supports research findings that learning a second language stimulates brain development and makes one a better all-round learner.

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